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Clarke Consulting Services.

Specialists in contract recruitment in construction, warehousing & logistics

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What do we specialize in?


We specialize in sourcing, qualifying and placing skilled tradespeople including builders, labourers, hammer hands, scaffolders, electricians, trade assistants, plumbers and welders with our clients.

Warehousing, Transport & Logistics

Similarly we also have a pool of skilled workers that can assist in roles including general labour, freight sorting, picking/packing, forklift & reach operation, class 2-5 drivers ad machine operation.

No Upfront Fees or Placement Fees

Our recruitment consultancy services work on a contractor basis, meaning we don't charge fees upfront, nor do we charge placement fees. We keep our costs down and pass those reductions through to our clients.

About Us

We aim to empower our clients through high quality recruitment

As a consultant, I have a passion for helping candidates find their dream jobs and companies find their perfect employees. With a strong background in HR and a dedication to staying up-to-date on industry trends and best practices, I am able to effectively connect job seekers with opportunities that align with their skills. 

Whether you're a skilled candidate or a business needing assistance, we can help.


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