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Clarke Consulting Services.

Empowering your Workforce, Elevating Your Success

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What do we specialize in?

Staff Engagement & Retention

We specialize in getting the most out of your staff by keeping them engaged and motivated. We work closely with you to provide strategy, implementation and activation plans to ensure we get the most out of your people.

Diversity & Inclusion

We take diversity and inclusion seriously and continue to up-skill ourselves to ensure we remain at the forefront of promoting inclusion for all in the workplace.

Employment Relations, Training & Development

We also ensure that compliance is met around staff/employment relations and responsibilities. Additionally, we provide training and development to empower our clients to up-skill themselves.

Office Coffee Break

About Us

Hello, I'm Gareth, an experienced HR consultant with an MBA degree from the University of Auckland, specialising in providing comprehensive solutions to organisations seeking to optimise their human resources function. With a passion for people and a deep understanding of HR best practices, I have spent 7 years partnering with diverse companies across various industries to enhance their HR strategies, policies, and processes.


Leveraging my education, experience and expertise, I bring a unique blend of business acumen and HR knowledge to deliver strategic HR solutions. From talent acquisition and onboarding to performance management and employee development, I collaborate with clients to streamline operations and drive organisational success. I conduct thorough HR audits, identifying areas for improvement, and implement tailored solutions that align with business objectives.


With strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build trusting relationships, I work closely with stakeholders at all levels to foster a positive work culture and ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. I am committed to empowering businesses by creating efficient HR systems that attract, develop, and retain top talent, ultimately contributing to their growth and long-term success.


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